[Writing Prompt] Word List Silliness

This is an extremely silly way to start a story, but it always seems to work — maybe because it removes any pressure you may be putting on yourself to write something “good”. Today you write a story using these words from my Third Grader’s spelling list.

The Prompt

Use These Words In A Story: Lettuce, Happen, basket, Winter, Sister, Monster, Supper, Subject, Puppet


  • Don’t worry too much about this one. Just write something!
  • Don’t forget to give us a character who want something (perhaps a lettuce? A sister? A monster?).
  • Post your story somewhere we can see it (in the comments or in the community) and read everyone else’s stories. Revel in the weirdness!


Did you remember to post your story in the comments or in the community? Did you have fun with this? Was your story, nevertheless, serious? What does that tell you about writing in general?

2 thoughts on “[Writing Prompt] Word List Silliness”

  1. I thought these words and where they came from lent themselves to a good story about words and about language and writing. My original intention was to write a funny story, but while it has moments of humor, it also has a didactic tone, some proselytizing, and maybe a little (or a lot of) preaching. You can read the story at http://storiesbystolle.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/storyaday-22 by using the password stollewords.

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