[Prompt] May 10 – Offstage


Write a story in which the main, most interesting character never actually appears ‘on-stage’.

Everything the reader learns about the character should come in opinions, comments and conversations between other characters in the story. What do we learn about them? How important do they become? How difficult is it to keep them ‘off-stage”?

The Hidden Protagonist


5 thoughts on “[Prompt] May 10 – Offstage”

  1. Great prompt! I did this for most of the story, but later brought the character in and showed him completely different (changed) from the previous descriptions.

    Turned out to be a porker of a story at 5,900 words. O.o

    I’m exhausted now.

  2. This had me stumped for most of the morning, I just couldn’t get a single good story idea out of my head. That is until I realised that I could easily incorporate this with a novel idea I’ve been planning for a while. Incidently I may start to link more of these stories with that novel idea as the month goes on.

    I’ve got the story written down in my notebook but I’ll get it typed up and posted here later tonight. Great prompt I really enjoyed writing this one 🙂

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