[Prompt] May 14 – Fish Out Of Water

After last week’s character focus, this week’s prompts are going to focus on different plot archetypes.

First up: the fish out of water story.

This ties in nicely with the focus on character, since the fish out of water story lays a great emphasis on the characters – either the alien character, or the ones who are trying to deal with having him in their lives. Think: Mork and Mindy, The Wizard of Oz, Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy… It also allows you scope to have fun with descriptions, point of view, dialogue, belief systems, you name it.

Write A Fish Out Of Water Story


3 thoughts on “[Prompt] May 14 – Fish Out Of Water”

  1. Any child of divorced parents in the 60’s was a fish out of water. The water being those nice homes where mother wore an apron and baked cookies and father came home from work, droppping his briefcase only to pick up his daughter and swing her around. When you put poor little Victoria into that neighborhood, her gills dry up and she begins to choke. She chokes back the tears for her broken family. She also chokes back the curse words that she’d like to scream at the children who torture her with their cruelty. But, most of all, she’d like to choke her father, the man who chose his wander lust over his wonderful family.
    Yep, little Vickie had more issues than Life magazine. Ironically, our dear fish out of water is a Pisces!

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