[Prompt] May 16 – Love Story

Daily Prompt LogoOne of the nine plot patterns highlighted in James Scott Bell’s Plot & Structure is:

The love story.

(A billion romance readers can’t be wrong!)

You don’t have to write a traditional romance to be writing a love story. There’s a love story embedded in almost every story you read or watch. From Homer’s Odyssey to Homer and Marge Simpson, love is in the air.

All that is required for a love story is for two protagonists who are in love, and an obstacle to that love. Resolving the obstacle, one way or another, is the plot of your story.

To avoid writing a schlocky, saccharine formulaic romance, “one or other of your lovers [should] grow as a result of the pattern,” says Bell.

Write A Love Story


4 thoughts on “[Prompt] May 16 – Love Story”

  1. Connie and Tony were the stars of the Disco Clubs. They coordinated their moves, conversations, and wardrobe. Connie had high ambitions but Tony liked to coast by in life. Their friends said that Connie and Tony were the true definition of ‘Opposites Attract’. Years and years later, Connie, a college graduate, became a teacher. Tony, the love of her life, was still reading the want ads, looking for the dream job. Dear readers, you would think that this would be the end of this love story, but it’s just the beginning!

  2. I did it! I wrote a very short (158 words) about a girl’s first love…a little fawn. I’m loving writing these stories. I never knew they were there. Such fun.

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