Announcing StoryADay September 2012

StoryADay May is such a success that we’re going to do it all again … in September! Join us for StoryADay Sept’12

For the past three years we’ve been getting together in May to write A Story A Day. It has been some of the most creative, inspiring, productive writing time I’ve ever had and I’m not alone:

“I love this challenge…” – Marta

” I reached most of my goals and learned more about my writing habits.” – Chit

“I have discovered that I do believe in myself as a writer – as cliched as it seems, writing regularly really does make you a writer. So, here’s to discovery…without which I would still be stumbling alone in the dark rather than enjoying the sunshine with my muse.” – Cat

So this year I asked around and discovered that you lot are crazy.

You want to write even more!

So, just for fun, let’s do it all again: in September

StoryADay September'12 Participant Badge
  • Are you finding it hard to find time to write?
  • Are you bogged down in the middle of a novel and need to refresh your sense of possibilities?
  • Are you a lover of short stories and the possibilities they offer?

Come and write with us this StoryADay September!

How It Works

The Rules are the same as ever:

Write (and finish) a story a day for a month. That’s it.

The Options:

  • Join the community and hang out with us,
  • Use the prompts (or not),
  • Set your own definition of what ‘a story a day’ means to you. (Need to take Saturday’s off? Hey, it’s your challenge, you make the rules. But once made, stick to them!)
  • Grab a badge for your website
  • The Victory Dance group in the community, or on that day’s blog post, to say you have written.
  • Share links to your story online if you want to. Don’t if you don’t.

What’s Different?

I’m not giving anyone the option to start a new StoryADay blog for the September challenge. It’s just a matter of administrative time. We’ll see how it goes. If you already have one, feel free to use it. Otherwise, post StADa-related news (and stories if you want) on your own blog and link to your posts in StoryADay’s blog comments and forum posts.

How To Sign Up

A, You don’t have, but it helps keep you honest. You can sign up at the site (see below) or just announce your participation to your friends.

B, If you want a username for the StoryADay.org community I’m opening up registration again now. A username gets you into the Community area where you can find friends and discuss writing with some other incredibly dedicated writers. It’s a wonderfully supportive community and I recommend signing up (it’s free and optional).

C, I’m going to post a ‘blogroll’ of participants on the front page of the site. If you’d like to be on it (optional) fill in this form. You can add your name to this list even if you don’t have or want a StoryADay username. If you plan to write, you’re in.

The More The Merrier

Remember, one of the reasons StoryADay works so well, is because you are part of something. Please, please tell your friends, blog about StoryADay Sept’12,
  • Tweet about it,
  • Mention it on Facebook,
  • Tell your real-world writers’ group.
The more people you enlist, the more likely you are to have an amazingly productive month. Trust me. I know 😉

6 thoughts on “Announcing StoryADay September 2012”

  1. I just shared this on FB, mentioning how I like to use this as a daily writing exercise for my 12-sentence or less stories. I do believe that I’m going to be posting the September StAD entries on my regular blog instead of the one I have here. No particular reason, just because is all.

    Also, I bought your Kindle book on Writer’s Block. I’ll let you know how it goes as I work through it.

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