SWAGr for September

Welcome to the Serious Writers’ Accountability Group!

Post your goals for this month and let us know how you got on with last month’s goals.

Serious Writers' Accountability Group

Leave a comment below telling us how you got on last month, and what you plan to do next month, then check back in on the first of each month, to see how everyone’s doing.

(It doesn’t have to be fiction. Feel free to use this group to push you in whatever creative direction you need.)

Did you live up to your commitment from last month? Don’t remember what you promised to do? Check out the comments from last month.

And don’t forget to celebrate with/encourage your fellow SWAGr-ers on their progress!

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Examples of Goals Set By SWAGr-ers in previous months

  • Finish first draft of story and write 3 articles for my school paper. – Courtney
  • Write on seven days this month – Clare
  • Extend my reading and to read with a ‘writers eye’- Wendy
  • write 10,000 words – Mary Lou

 So, what will you accomplish this month? Leave your comment below (use the drop-down option to subscribe to the comments and receive lovely, encouraging notifications from fellow StADa SWAGr-ers!)

(Next check-in, 1st of the month. Tell your friends!)

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7 thoughts on “SWAGr for September”

  1. Achieved:

    Completed first draft of my next chapter 

    Increased my reading 

    Worked on Outlines of ending chapters but not yet finished 

    Ongoing work checking continuity.


    Complete first draft of my next chapter. 

    Complete Outlines of final chapters. 

    Read read read.

    Increase collecting story sparks. 

  2. Reflections on August Goals:
    • Keep journaling every day, as I have been for three weeks now. I actually decided it was counterproductive to force myself to Journal every day when I didn’t feel like I had any reflections to add that I hadn’t written down before. It seemed like a waste of writing time, but I am still journaling — about every two or three days. Sometimes it’s helpful to wait for things to write about to come up.
    • Work on my novel for an hour a day at least five days each week and preferably every day. I didn’t meet this goal every day, but I’m pretty happy with the number of days that I did. I’m making consistent progress, and I have to remind myself of that because I have a history of being a panster. I now know that this approach, for a lot of people, requires more drafts than a person can count on two hands, so I’m by far not in the same place I was four years ago with this project. I’m on the fourth draft, and then finally taking time to get to know my characters deeply enough to make them believable and relatable, and then easing myself out of a panster mindset. I don’t think it works well for the genre in which I write. I’ve done a lot of learning in the past four years, but especially in the past year. I’m learning how to explore characters and their motivations and how to build character arcs. Still, sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated because my readers can’t see all this work I’ve done. All this being said . . .
    September 2021 Goals
    • Work on my novel at least one hour a day, five days a week.
    • Fill in all the sections of Evelyn’s character profile as I toward the first goal.
    • Write at least one essay and submit it to The Mighty.

  3. Back at it again at Krispy Kreme!

    Goals for August:
    ~CW: Start—DONE
    ~Fits: Start—DONE
    ~PLX: Start—DONE
    ~AUX: Start—DONE
    ~NTP: Start—NOT DONE

    That is 4/4 for things needed to be done, +1 for adding a pinch hit in there that I wrote in one day (I really need to get better at checking due dates). Also, I didn’t get to use my Traveler because a certain small kitten decided to chew through its charging cord. :/

    September Goals:
    ~HD: Start
    ~IIBB: Finish
    ~RTV: Start or Drop
    ~DCRP: Start
    ~DN: Start
    ~RR: Start
    ~DFX: Start
    ~FIAB: Start

    Phew! That’s a lot to do. Thankfully the last three are due in October, but two are due the 1st, so that makes them basically due in September.

    But it’s my birth month!!! So, I’ll be writing but not stressing about it and dropping what’s not making me happy.

  4. Back in the saddle after several months of distraction and chaos (and 6 weddings of family and close friends). I’m doing StoryADay September with the goal of writing SOMETHING every day and finishing 2 stories per week. I’ve also neglected my blog for an embarrassingly long season and aim to publish at least one blog post. Best wishes to all, and thank you for the inspiration.

  5. Getting ready for NaNoWriMo:

    -Average 1,000 words per day.
    -Finish a rough draft of my NaNo project.
    -Complete one short story.

  6. Whoops I wish I could alter my august catch up post.
    But for this month. Plan is the keep going and hopefully get fully caught up on one challenge then restart the other challenge again and hopefully stay on track this time.

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