Day 27 – Miriam Laundry Cites The Golden Rule

Miriam Laundry writing prompt

The Prompt

Write a story for children. Prompt is “The Golden Rule,” treat others are you wish to be treated.

The Author

Miriam is a best-selling children’s author who loves to empower children to believe in themselves. She does this through her own books and by helping other authors write and publish their books.

Learn the formula Miriam uses for outlining every single one of her award-winning books:

The Children’s Book Blueprint [free training & PDF]

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[Writing Prompt] Write A Children’s Story

There’s no feedback like the honest feedback of trying to hold the attention of a squirmy kid. This week I want you to try (or imagine) reading a story you’ve written to a kid under the age of 8. They are too young to worry about your feelings and they WILL let you know if the story is dragging! It’s great practice for holding the attention of former-kids too!

The Prompt

Write A Children’s Story


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