Day 27 – Miriam Laundry Cites The Golden Rule

Miriam Laundry writing prompt

The Prompt

Write a story for children. Prompt is “The Golden Rule,” treat others are you wish to be treated.

The Author

Miriam is a best-selling children’s author who loves to empower children to believe in themselves. She does this through her own books and by helping other authors write and publish their books.

Learn the formula Miriam uses for outlining every single one of her award-winning books:

The Children’s Book Blueprint [free training & PDF]

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5 thoughts on “Day 27 – Miriam Laundry Cites The Golden Rule”

  1. I used animals and insects as my characters and their golden rules pointed to saving the biodiversity of nature.

  2. I wrote a “ghost story,” in which the “ghosts” are beings in another realm of existence, in which all the repercussions of the universe are centered, and it’s up to the ghosts to determine how to deal out the consequences, resulting in something akin to Karma. I know, Karma’s not exactly the same thing as the Golden Rule, but it’s close, right? A strange story, and I’m kind of inclined to scrap it, but idk… I’m going to have my kids read it tomorrow and tell me what they think.

    I did post it to my blog, not because I love it so much, but because I like the idea of letting people see some of my not-so-great drafts and kind of see that process that goes along with being a writer, where not everything we write is amazing, but we can still learn something from it all.

  3. Today’s story, WAKE UP SANDMAN, is about a boy who can’t fall asleep. His mom and his dad try to help him nod off, but he fails every time. Then they call grandma to help out. She tells him on the phone that sometimes the Sandman falls asleep on the job and forgets to help someone to fall asleep with his Sleep Sand. There’s only one way to wake up the Sandman, and that’s by following a very long list of detailed instructions. By the time the boy gets to instruction number 10, he’s deeply asleep. His dad is happy that his son can get some sleep, but now he has insomnia.

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