StoryADay May 2023 Is Almost Here

Read this tips for the StoryADay Challenge…and get your gameboard!

May is almost upon us!

Here are some tips on how to participate fully in the challenge:

Gamify your Experience

Each day of the challenge I’ll post a graphic you can save and share to chart your progress. Keep it secret or share on social media using #storyaday

OR If you’d like to get away from the screen and do some handi-crafts, print out this version of the game board and pieces. Cut out a piece for every day your write and paste it onto the game board. Proudly display it in a public space or take pictures and share on social media, using #storyaday

Set your own rules

You don’t have to write every day but you should push yourself to do as much as feels a little intimidating…and then review every week to see if you want to change your commitment)

Set up your workspace

Pick a notebook or create a folder on your computer to house all your StoryADay related writings

Always Put a Date on Your Work

Especially if you’re hand-writing. You won’t be sorry!

Do Your Victory Dance

Every day, come back to the blog and post to let the community know how you got on…yes, even if you didn’t get on well!

The support you’ll get is well worth the effort!

Don’t Catch Up

I mean, if you are highly motivated by streaks, you can.

For the rest of us, I strongly recommend closing the door on days when you didn’t write.

Part of the point of this challenge is to learn about how write, long-term. Do you tend get crushed by set-backs? Learn to keep going during this challenge!

(Use the community to help keep going. Post if you need a word of encouragement)

Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

I do encourage you to post about your writing, but I don’t encourage you to post your actual stories.

For one thing, the idea of having to write AND polish a story every day is paralyzing (trust me, I always try to find ways to circumvent this truth, and I never succeed). Just write. Play in the mud. Make a mess. Enjoy yourself.

The second reason is more practical: if you ever want to have someone else publish your piece, they likely won’t take it if it has been published somewhere before, even on your blog or social media.

Keep Track of Your Progress

Not just whether you wrote or not, but how you’re feeling, how the effort is going, anything else that will help you build your writing practice, after the challenge is over.

Printable Weekly Log

I’ll send you a ‘debrief form’ at the end of the challenge, but make sure you keep notes as you go along.

You’ll learn a lot this month. You think you will remember all the lessons but you won’t. Keep notes!

Have Fun

This is a ridiculous challenge.

Part of the point is the have fun with your creativity and part is to help you lower your expectations and fight procrastination.

Just keep moving forwards.

Talk to other people in the comments.

Notice when you write a line you like.

Notice when you exceed your expectations (but just don’t raise them again

Check your email later today for an invitation to our kick-off party (bring your questions, nerves, and suggestions to help others).

Keep writing (and writing, and writing).


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