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Just because StoryADay May 2013 is ending soon, don’t think I’m letting you off the hook. You’ve developed some great writing habits this past month and you shouldn’t let those go.

To encourage you to continue with your short story writing, I’ve teamed up with Gabriela Pereira of DIYMFA.com and, next week, we’re bringing you:

The 7DayStory Challenge

The 7DayStory

  • Write and revise a story in a week;
  • Check in online to connect with other people taking the #7DayStory challenge.

Why Take Part In The 7DayStory Challenge?

It’s an opportunity to:

  • Challenge yourself
  • Reinforce the good writing habits you developed during StoryADay May (or make up for what you missed out on!)
  • Connect with other writers.

Gabriela will also be sharing some of her DIY MFA revision strategies, which will be a huge help to us around here, sitting on piles of first drafts as we always are at the end of May.

The #7DayStory Challenge starts June 3, 2013. Check back here on Monday for details.

7 thoughts on “Take The 7DayStory Challenge”

  1. I am really, really looking forward to the challenge. I wish I had known about the May short story month (didn’t discover it until the very last day) but woohoo today I did my first ever revision of a short story I wrote in May. I won without knowing it 😉

  2. I hope we will get an email to remind us that it starts on Monday! I’m forgetful, but I wanna be in it 🙂

  3. Sounds great. Wish it was the following week am my daughter is graduating from high school with all the attendant insanity. Will press on though. I love the editing and re-editing process. Sarah C

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