15 thoughts on “The eBook Is Here for 2015”

  1. I’m up for this challenge, which comes at the perfect moment for me.
    What sparks me up about it is that I see it as a) doable b) varied c) a journey and d) development.
    I know I can do this and I’ll be interested to find out the writer I become over the month.
    I won’t be the finished article by any means, but I will be different and have grown.
    Bring. It. On!

  2. E-book purchased! I haven’t been writing much lately, so hopefully this challenge will get me started again.

    1. Thanks! Just keep sitting down every day and eventually the pressure you put on yourself will lift and you’ll find yourself writing again. Check in at the forums if you need encouragement!

      1. I often find that writing longhand is key to getting something written! It slows me down a bit and exercises different bits of my brain.

        If I like what I’ve written I’ll snap a photo of it into Evernote and/or copy type it in to my computer, editing as I go.

        Hope it works well or you (and thanks for supporting StoryADay).

  3. I have also purchased the book, Julie, and am looking forward to the challenge. I’m trying to set my goals a little differently to (2) story drafts each week. I have to be reasonable with myself, or else I won’t make it.

    I think a separate notebook for this project is an excellent idea. As always, thank you for your inspiring articles and prompts.

  4. Thanks Malcolm! I really appreciate it.
    I’ve got in the habit of keeping a notebook around too and using it for stories as well as other stuff. I take pictures of the pages and store them in an Evernote ‘fiction’ notebook when I remember. It’s quite helpful to have everything in one of a couple of places.

  5. Thanks Julie, I’ve purchased and downloaded my copy and left a review on Amazon, based on my experiences from last year. I’m also looking forward to the guest prompts, they give an added dimension. I’ve already purchased a new notebook, as I found this helpful to keep all my scribblings together and it has been useful to look back at over the year and has sometimes helped to trigger something else. Also there are often a number of days when I don’t have access to laptop, which will be the case again this year.

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