[WriteOnWednesday] The Day My (Blank) Quit

Today I want you to think of a character and a relationship that should never be broken. Then break it.

The Prompt

The Day My _______ Quit


  • You might think of a professional relationship. We don’t normally think of dentists or therapists or trainers or doctors or laywers firing their clients. But it happens. It happens for innocuous reason (they’re moving away) and for hostile reasons (they think you’re a jerk).
  • You might think of a family relationship. Parents shouldn’t give up on their kid. What if they did?
  • You could go surreal or fantastic: the day my pet rock quit. The day the aliens stopped calling…
  • Thnk about what could cause such a rift. Is anyone at fault? Who?
  • Is it a good thing or a bad thing for the protagonist? Does it feel that way?
  • You can show us the break up or the aftermath (or even the events leading up to it). But you probably shouldn’t show all three in a short story.
  • Make sure you show us why the break up matters to at least one character.





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