[Write On Wednesday] Change A Headline

Did you ever, as a child, say a word so often that it lost its meaning? (“Basin”, anyone?)
Today I want you to stare at a news headline until it loses its original meaning and lets you play with it.

The Prompt

Take A News Headline And Change A Word Or Two, Sparking A Fictional Story.


For some reason, to me, this headline suggested some kind of epic fantasy with heroic quests, tasks the hero have been assigned.

Narcan Training Comes To Wayne County

Maybe Narcan’s a dragon. Or a three-headed monster?

Trump Struggles To Win Over Mormons

Now this one definitely lends itself to an epic battle/Game of Thrones feel, don’t you think?

The Most Expensive Coffee On Earth

Maybe it’s not coffee, and maybe it’s not Earth, but this could be a really interesting spark for a story…

The Female Wrestlers of Bolivia

Are you getting the idea yet? Imagine what you could do with that one!


3 thoughts on “[Write On Wednesday] Change A Headline”

    1. I loved this story. I especially liked the last line. I had a sneaking suspicion there was more in her past than a simple un-returned VHS tape. I love stories that leave me thinking after I’m finished reading them!

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