[Write On Wednesday] Support

Last week we wrote about connections. This week, an interconnected theme: support. We need it in our writing lives, and our characters are looking for it, in our stories.

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The Prompt

Write A Story About A Character Who Needs Support


  • Your character may not realize they need support. This realization might be the ‘life changing moment’ that the story hinges on.t is happening and why it matters.
  • Your character may have recently lost a source of support they leaned on (knowingly or unknowingly). This could be emotional support from a friend or lover, or literal support (the cliff/bridge/floor just gave way! Boom! There’s an exciting opening!)
  • Your character may be resisting reaching out for the support they need. (Instant conflict! The lifeblood of any story.) Their resistance is internal conflict, which can be echoed by the external conflict of the person trying to help them. Don’t forget to brainstorm why they are resistant. What, in their past, has caused them to feel like accepting support is not OK? (This doesn’t have to be explicitly mentioned in the story, but it helps if YOU know).
  • Remember, short stories don’t have to be told like mini novels. You could write this story as a series of memos, a list, a monologue, a mix of forms (like this story, which mixes an academic paper with the narrator’s reflections on her life)

If you share you story somewhere (and here’s why you might not want to) post a link here so we can come and read it.

Did you write today? How did you get on? Who did you write about? Leave a comment!

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