[Write On Wednesday] Good From Bad

Yesterday, I reviewed “Useless Things” by Ariel Berry, and it gave me the writing prompt for today’s Flash Fiction focused prompt


The Prompt

Write a story of fewer than 1000 words, that features a twist on a topic/event that might be seen as a disaster. Show us how your character pulls another meaning from it


  • Check out my review of Ariel Berry’s story
  • Remember, in flash fiction, you’ll have to limit your characters and settings and the amount of threads you try to introduce into your story. 1-2 characters is best.
  • Flash fiction hinges around a point, a moment in time, that reflects a change for the character and/or the reader.
  • Create an image that makes your story flash in the reader’s mind. See my review of Berry’s story to see how that image can be an action as well as a visual image.

Here’s an archive of some useful Flash Fiction resources on StoryADay.org

Leave a comment to let us know what you wrote about today, and how it went!

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