Want To Learn To Write More? Give Yourself Permission To Write

We all imagine a perfect time when the obstacles will fall away and Writing Will Happen. And We’re All Wrong…


We all have reasons why we’re not writing.

  • We’re too busy.
  • We’re too tired.
  • We don’t have anything to say.
  • We’ve tried before and failed to finish.
  • We have to get these pencils lined up just right…

We all have reasons why we’re not writing right now:

  • We’ll do it after you’ve settled in to this new job.
  • We’ll do it at the weekend.
  • We’ll do it when the kids go to sleep.
  • We’ll do it when the sun comes out.
  • We’ll do it on a rainy day
  • We’ll do it when we retire.

We all imagine a perfect time when the obstacles will fall away and Writing Will Happen.

Except We’re All Wrong

In all of it.

Too Tired?

Maybe, but remember how invigorated you felt last time you got into that flow state while writing, and the time just flew away?

Yes, you were tired at work the next day, but who cares? You were smiling, weren’t you?

Too Busy?

Doing what?

  • Things that don’t feed your soul?
  • Things you could delegate if you valued yourself as highly as you seem to value everyone else around you?

Put on your own oxygen mask before you help others!

Don’t have anything to say?

Of course you do. You might have trouble knowing what it is right now, but pick a character and run with them for a while and you’ll find out exactly what you have to say.

It’s not important to have a thesis when you start a piece of writing [1. In fact, having a thesis going in, is one of the best ways to write a terrible, preachy story that nobody will ever want to read].

You’ve tried before and failed?

Congratulations. You’re one step closer to becoming a successful, fulfilled creative Maker.

Nobody succeeds overnight.

You’re Waiting For A Better Time

There is no better time.

  • You will never be this age again.
  • You will never be closer to the experiences and passions that matter to you right now, than you are today.
  • You might not make it to retirement — or you might be too tired to write when you get there.

None of us is guaranteed our years on this planet. All we have is this moment right now. Use it.

The Lie That You Can’t Write

You write all the time: you write Facebook updates and blog posts and emails about widgets and birthday greetings and mental rants about the customer service you (didn’t) receive at the restaurant last night…

You’re just scared that you’re not writing world-class, best-selling fiction on your first draft. You have to let that go and redefine success for yourself, for today.

The Lie That You Can Quit

You’re going to keep writing for the rest of your life (and you know I’m telling the truth). Or feeling that yearning to write

Even if you try to quit, your sneaky little creative brain is going to find ways to trick you into writing. You might as well put some of that effort into practicing your craft, the stories you really want to be telling, right?

The Good News

You don’t have to do it all today. Just give yourself permission to write.

  • Give yourself permission to write badly.
  • Give yourself permission to write stories nobody else will ever read.
  • Give yourself permission to write the stuff you care about.
  • And most of all, give yourself permission to say ‘you know, that’s not bad’, as you read over your writing, once in a while.

What’s stopping you from giving yourself Permission To Write? Comment below, and let me bust your excuses!

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