[Write On Wednesday] Fall Into Autumn

Fall is coming (at least in my hemisphere). Can you smell it? Do you live somewhere with autumn colors. Have you ever been to a place like that? Have you missed it? Have you never lived somewhere like that and wonder what all the fuss is about.

The Prompt

Write a Story With An Autumn Theme


  • You can do bonfires, leaves, Halloween, whatever your local ‘color’ is.
  • If it’s not autumn where you live, think of this as ‘banking’ a story that you can revise and begin to submit to seasonal markets in the next couple of months. Lead times, people, lead times!

One thought on “[Write On Wednesday] Fall Into Autumn”

  1. Julie,
    Thanks, that’s a great prompt and the slide show of leaves is very inspiring. May be a few days before I can get my head round the prompt, but I like your suggestion to bank the story. I’m currently working through a couple of competition entries for the end of October, one of them is ‘Story a day in May’ story that I’m updating and revising.

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