[Writing Prompt] Entitlement

Simple prompt today from a song title:

The Prompt

Write a story prompted by the song title Beyond The Blue Horizon


  • This song was written in the golden age of the popular song, by Leo Robin, W. Franke Harling and Richard A. Whiting. If you want to write a 1940s period piece have a listen to this very evocative clip, for inspiration.
  • You could use the full lyrics for inspiration or
  • Ignore the ‘prior art’ and simply let the title take you off in any direction.


10 thoughts on “[Writing Prompt] Entitlement”

  1. I did use the prompt, and thought it would be an easy one, but it turned out to be a bit more complicated. Enjoyed playing around with it. It’s a bit nostalgic and forward-looking at the same time. Anyway, one more done at sarahcain78.com. Sarah

  2. Funny, I decided not to use the prompt today, but then after writing my story I realised that it is kinda linked to the theme of the song!

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