[Writing Prompt] Fear

Tomorrow it all begins. StoryADay May 2014. Are you nervous? I always am. (This is the fifth May since I launched the challenge!!)

The Prompt

Write A Story In Which Fear Is A Driving Factor For One Or More Character


  • Focus today on writing a quick, dirty first draft. You’re going to need that skill in the 31 days ahead.
  • Ask yourself who you’d be interested in writing about today. Pick a person, age, gender and defining characteristic (i.e. A beautiful actress; a harassed mother; an ambitious starship captain).
  • Ask yourself what that person wants from life and what they would be afraid of.
  • Consider what/who might get in this character’s way. What might frighten this secondary character? How does that affect his relationship/interactions with the protagonist?
  • Ask yourself what your protagonist needs to do to overcome his/his opponent’s fear. Will you let your protagonist succeed?
  • What happens if they give in to fear?
  • What do they feel as they try to overcome it?


Did you write today? Did you finish this story? Did any of your own fears creep into this story? Tell us in the comments, or join the discussion in the community.

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