[Writing Prompt] – The Death of Imagination

Day 4 and you’re back for more. Good for you!
How’s it going? Don’t forget to check in at the forums or leave a comment on this post when you’ve written today, or if you need a little encouragement.

The Prompt

Today, write a story in which imagination and fanciful stuff like art and interpretation have been outlawed. What kind of implications would that have? Why did they do it?

(What if no-one had had the imagination to see the importance in stopping to take this picture? How would language sound without metaphors? Would we, without history, be doomed to repeat it?)


And when you have written your story, log in and post your success in The Victory Dance group or simply comment on this post and let the congrats come flying in.

8 thoughts on “[Writing Prompt] – The Death of Imagination”

  1. hmm… just finished story for yesterday. I’ve done 3 till now, and if I’ll write this one I’ll be on track. Does it count if I do 2 / day 😕

    1. This is 9/4 and haven’t written anything for today yet. Wanted to check in and say I’m up to date and will come back after I’ve written. Yesterday I went out of my comfort zone and sort of wrote an erotic story but not X rated, just explicit. It had a lot of emotional tones in it, so the plot was mostly that.

      Don’t think I’ll do anything with it but it was fun writing something different and it went fast. Still just a flash though

      Til later

        1. Just finished day 4. I used an opening line from one of the Nano forums, This was it: I never found out what I wanted to be when I grew up. things went by too fast and I got distracted.

          I didn’t have any idea what I’d write I just sat down and wrote and it turned out that I had a Halloween story when I finished, but lost sight of the opening line, so had to tie it in at the end,

          Not too happy with this but maybe later with a little work it will be Ok.

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