[Writing Prompt] – Twitter Fiction

Day three and it’s a holiday in the US, my kids go back to school tomorrow and frankly, I think we all deserve an easy day today so…

The Prompt

Write a Twitter length story. 140 characters. That’s it.

(But watch out. It’ll take longer than you think to come up with a real story and then trim it down to 140 characters. Get some inspiration here.)



And when you have written your story, log in and post your success in The Victory Dance group or simply comment on this post and let the congrats come flying in.

8 thoughts on “[Writing Prompt] – Twitter Fiction”

  1. Voila! These snippets are good for the discipline of short, sweet and simple. Here it is:

    “Once bitten, twice shy? Who comes up with that crap?” Jenni scowled at the mirror, smoothing on concealer. Her headache, a combination of too much wine and not enough sleep, throbbed in time to the old 80’s tune. She wondered which was more vain: thinking she could ignore how loud her son’s music was, or that cover-up and mascara could camouflage another night spent agonizing over breaking the seventh commandment. Sighing, Jenni lifted her chipped coffee mug to her lips. “Dare to dream” in faded orange mocked her secret, and she wondered how many times she’d buy the sweet talk that kept leading her down a garden path of hope only to drop her into a black pit of unfulfilled longing? Did longing trump common sense, or did she just like being bitten?

  2. EvilBigSister here – am I actually too late to add myself to the list, or am I just being a Luddite? Also, hashtag problem on Twitter: I only had one character left so I couldn’t!!

    Thank Monday I joined on the 140-character day! 🙂

  3. Signed up today. I’m glad today’s prompt is a short one. I did it. It is done. Don’t have time to post it anywhere this very moment but I will as soon as I can. Maybe I’ll tweet it.

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