[Writing Prompt] Write Sam’s Story

Continuing on from yesterday’s theme of giving you an element of the story you must use, today I’m giving you a character. I’m seeding some hints about this character into the prompt and you should take them where ever they lead you.

The Prompt

Sam Chase has just left a meeting with the big boss. Sam has been offered a dream position — or at least a position that would have been a dream if it had been dangled out there two years ago. But lately, Sam has been beginning to understand that there’s more to life than ambition, career, advancement, the trappings of success. Oh let’s be honest: it’s been coming on ever since last summer. If the only constant is change, Sam thinks, I’m a walking illustration.
Write Sam’s story.


  • In case you hadn’t noticed, I was very careful to use no pronouns in that blurb about Sam. Sam can be male or female, at your whim.
  • Will you explain what happened “last summer” or keep it mysterious? If you do explain it, will your story start there? End there? Mention it as a big reveal at the climax?
  • What will Sam choose? Just because we’re tapped on the shoulder by our better angels, doesn’t mean we always make the right choice. But then again, sometimes we do. What will YOUR Sam do?


10 thoughts on “[Writing Prompt] Write Sam’s Story”

  1. Yeah, that one was fun. Seems like I’m getting a theme of burning buildings going, though.

  2. Oh! Oh! Maybe, on days like that, we should post links to the never-ending-stories and invite submissions for how to end the story in 50 words or fewer. Just for giggles…

  3. Forgot to check in here for a couple of days, Julie. I am up to date with all the stories but didn’t finish one. I guess I had writer’s block that day, The story just seemed to go and on and I couldn’t end it. The rest are fine though. Will get on this one later today

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