May 24 – Epistolary Stories

The Prompt: write a story in letter form

I have an unexplained and abiding love for stories-in-the-form-of-letters, so if you spend any time at StoryADay.org you’re going to see this one again and again, sorry!

The Prompt

Write A Story In Letter Form


  • This can be a single communication or a series
  • It doesn’t have to be letters. It could be Tweets, Tumblr posts, office-wide memos.
  • The story can unfold from a single author’s point of view, or you can show more than one side of the story, by using multiple authors.
  • If you need inspiration, read famous letters here, here, here or here


Handwritten love letters:

Letters from famous authors to young fans

15 Best Resignation Letters

A list of popular Epistolary Novels

(Just don’t spend too much time reading them!!)


Post a comment at the blog to let us know you’ve written today, or join the community and post in the Victory Dance Group.

8 thoughts on “May 24 – Epistolary Stories”

    1. hehehe… i dunno if chris meant for you to share your story, but thanks for the link. i’ll read it. i learned that when you share either misery or joy you double those – what more if you share healing. 🙂

  1. The last two days I have written junk, but maybe later I’ll be able to pull something from them. Y’all have been doing some fun stuff

    1. I find that even when I write something terrible, I have a gem phrase or sentence (or two or three – glory be!) that I can hang my hat on and build from with something entirely new. I have faith you’ll do that too. 🙂

  2. I don’t feel able to share this post.

    It’s a letter to a friend who I fell out with and I wish I hadn’t. I feel misunderstood and embarrassed, but I cannot find a way to get back in touch. I simply don’t fall out with anyone, except her.

    So the letter has elements of catharsis, but the sore will not heal.

    I think about her almost every day.

    1. I agree with Fimnora. The writing is probably the hardest part when it comes to accepting a difficult situation. But I will say this: I bet whatever you wrote might help someone in a similar situation. You might not be writing precisely what someone else out there who can’t find the right words needs to read, but it will be close enough to make sense and perhaps help someone else find closure. That’s the saddest thing about writing something personal: You might help someone else more than you help yourself. Even if you never share your letter with anyone ever, I hope you find some peace because we all deserve that.

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