May 28 – Non Human

The Prompt

Write a story with a non-human protagonist/main character

Perhaps you’ve tried this all ready this month, but I’m going to bet that most of your stories have featured homo sapiens. Let’s switch things up today:

The Prompt

Write a story with a non-human protagonist/main character


  • You could imbue an inanimate object with a character OR simply follow it through a series of owners’ hands, telling their stories as you go.
  • You could write about aliens
  • You could tell the story of an animal. Will you anthropomorphize the animals (like Beatrix Potter?) or will you tell their story from a more animalistic viewpoint, all smells and sensations and urges?
  • What conflict will drive your story? Imminent danger? Longing? Adventure? Relationships?


Post a comment at the blog to let us know you’ve written today, or join the community and post in the Victory Dance Group.

5 thoughts on “May 28 – Non Human”

    1. How fun to be in a meteor shower. I love watching them. I’ll probably always think of your story now. 🙂

  1. This was a bit weird and yet – a lotto fun. I can’t imagine what goes through the head of a cat. Well, yes I can, but who knows if this is anything near the truth?

    It’s about my daughter’s cat in the main, and written in-between a busy day training, so it’s not hugely polished, but it says what I feel it might, in the circumstances.

    1. I enjoyed your cat story and feel confident you could imagine yourself inside the head of a goat, too

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