A Mysterious Situation – Writing Prompt from Bea from The Busy Muse

Today, Bea from The Busy Muse gives us a scenario and encourages us to stretch our genre expectations…

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The Prompt

Your company sends you to meet a costumer at their house. It’s a standard, nice neighborhood.

You ring and ring but nobody answers. The door is ajar, and you enter, calling aloud.

All is in order in the living room apart from an overturned potted plant on the expensive-looking rug…


  • You choose the atmosphere. Did the costumer run out to get milk or got kidnapped?
  • The setting is quite anonymous: can you create a fantasy story out of this? What about a science fiction piece?
  • Have fun thinking outside the box!

About Bea from The Busy Muse

Bea is a bilingual writer and freelancer currently living near Venice, in Italy. She blogs and helps writers with their writing and creativity at  . The Busy Muse. She brainstorms new ideas with her cat, who is very good at listening but not at providing solutions.

8 thoughts on “A Mysterious Situation – Writing Prompt from Bea from The Busy Muse”

  1. I’ve done this sort of thing in writing groups and classes before. Always surprises. But I have felt what is mentioned in the video–about feeling like everyone is writing and not writing anything original. Thanks for the pep talk!

      1. My great aunt was a costumer on Broadway a long time ago. She kept an autograph book with her, and when stars came in for a fitting she would have them sign it for my mom. I have the book with signatures of stars like Cid Caesar and Lee Maryweather.

  2. Hello. Is ‘costumer’ supposed to be ‘customer’ or is it someone who makes costumes? 🙂

    I teach creative writing (and am an editor!) and would love to set one of the prompts next year…

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