Letters – a writing prompt for May 26, 2017

Today I throw you one of my favorite prompts, because I love reading these kinds of stories.

The Prompt

Write a story in the form of a series of letters


  • The ‘letters’ can be anything really: letters, journal entries, found documents, Tweets, Facebook updates…
  • The letters can come from only one person — in which case we hear only one side of the story.
  • The letters might come from various sources and in various time periods.
  • You might mix letters with documentary evidence (school report cards, obituaries clipped from a newspaper, a termination document from an employer).
  • Your writing might be in the form of a ‘gospel’ for a new religious or political cult.
  • This might grow to be a bigger project than you can handle in one day…

4 thoughts on “Letters – a writing prompt for May 26, 2017”

  1. Although I winced when I read the prompt, once I got started, I was surprised at how it flowed out. I used the letters between a mother and her son at another trying time for America…the late 60’s. I left gaps, which covered times when there would be less likely to be a letter, but instead a phone call or an in person visit. Pleased that I’ve been able to put together a response to all prompts so far…with only 5 to go.

  2. I love reading these kinds of stories! I didn’t use this prompt today, but I’m totally keeping it for future use. 🙂

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