Write About A Writer – a writing prompt for 31 May, 2017

You’ve made it! You’ve written stories all month long — whether you’ve written every day, or on and off throughout the month — I congratulate you!

Make sure to come back tomorrow for three things

  • The June Serious Writers’ Accountability Group — make your commitment to your writing for next month
  • Details about StoryFest — your chance to get your favorite story featured on the front page of StoryADay.org
  • The mini-critique group I’m running next week, to help you whip your stories into shape in time for StoryFest.

But before all that: one more story to go:

The Prompt

Write A Story About A Writer


  • Feel free to take out your aggressions on me! Feature a writer who turns on their teacher/mentor/professor!
  • Channel Stephen King’s “Misery” and feature a stalker.
  • Take the reader through all the goys and perils of the writing journey
  • Or use the conceit of a writer character to do something that couldn’t really happen in real life.

And after you’re done, write a blog post or a journal entry capturing all you’ve learned about yourself as a writer this month. Resolve to build on your strengths. Keep what you write somewhere safe, so that next time you have a big writing push coming up, you can benefit from all these lessons!

If you share your post online, be sure to send me a link (in the comments below or by email) or tag me on social media!

And don’t forget, StoryFest is coming, June 10-11!

Thank you all for playing along this month. Without you, I wouldn’t be doing any of this.

Keep writing!

3 thoughts on “Write About A Writer – a writing prompt for 31 May, 2017”

  1. This was a month of many directions….and I’m so happy one of them was StoryADay. I got to play with fanfic all month- and I also know far more about the characters in next month’s slated novel draft, so I can start plotting.

    More, I got to read some great stories, and challenge myself to keep going even while the rest of life certainly didn’t step aside this month to let me just write.

    Thanks, Julie, for being here, and for being you!

    My plotting/snippet post for Day 31…


  2. Julie,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful website. I wrote every day this month for the first time in my life and, contrary to what I thought, I really enjoyed it. I couldn’t have done it alone though, your prompts inspired and chalanged me day after day. English is not my first language so writing is really intimidating but I loved it…I really look forward to next month!
    Merci beaucoup.

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