How Good Is Good Enough?

Beyond Prizes and Awards: The True Value of Sharing Your Stories

Welcome to The StoryADay Podcast, where we explore the power of storytelling and the importance of writing every day.

In this episode encourage you to think about the significance of our narratives and the impact they have on the world around us. Drawing inspiration from a talk by former New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern, I reflect on imposter syndrome, internal motivation, and the responsibility writers have to capture the essence of human experience. Join me as we explore the value of our stories, regardless of accolades or recognition, and the role they play in helping others make sense of the world.

It’s time to embrace our unique perspectives and share our narratives with the world. So grab your pen and paper, and let’s get started on this storytelling journey together. Stay tuned!

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[00:01:33] No one is asking for your story

[00:02:17] We are wonderful weirdos

[00:04:42] Who We Are Not Competing Withx

[00:07:45] How We Spend Our Lives

[00:08:49] What Stops You From Writing? (And Is It Worth It?)

[00:10:20] How Good Is Good Enough?

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