[Prompt] May 8 – Character From Your Past

This week all the prompts are going to focus on Character. Here’s the first:


Pick a character, a real person, from your past. Put them into a story. Be as kind or as cruel as you like (you might want to change their name…)

Use a real character.


8 thoughts on “[Prompt] May 8 – Character From Your Past”

  1. Eighth story down. I still can’t believe I have so many stories in me. This one was about an unfriendly neighbor when I was abut 5 who wouldn’t let my brother and me ride our tricycles on her sidewalk. In the story she was won over by a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Who could refuse such a treat?

  2. It’s funny that your prompts will be focusing on characters this week – I was just thinking today that I need to write more dynamic characters.

    Pulling one from my past turned out to be more challenging than I thought. I narrowed the choice down to two particular people who are real characters in my mind and had real influence on me in one way or another. I really enjoyed breaking that person down in a character sketch tonight and examining their strengths and weaknesses.

    Then I went to another prompt generator to get an idea of what to DO with my character. I think I found the perfect thing for him, and I’m pretty excited. Thanks for the prompts, Julie. I always learn something or find some inspiration from them. 🙂

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