5 thoughts on “[Prompt] May 9 – Chatty Cathy”

  1. I know you’re not supposed to write slang like I did, but I had a ball doing it. Hope y’all can read it.

    Two friends meet at the local grocery store.
    “Sue, How are ya, darlin’?”
    “Hi yur self, Ginger. Whatcha’ up to these days?”
    “Oh, nuthin’ much. Tryin’ to git tha house cleaned up, but my kids jus’ keep on makin’ messes.”
    “I know whacha’ mean, girl. My kids do tha same.”
    “How old your kids now, Ginger?”
    “Tommy’s 12, thinks hisself a man, doncha know. In love with some little girl at school. Can’t hardly git him to do nothin’ at home. Hope he’s doin’ his homework. Just shuts hisself in his room after school. Still eatin’ lots, though. Can’t hardly fill him up. “Lizabeth’s 9 now. She’s a good help in the kitchen. Loves to make biscuits an’ gravy. Her daddy loves that. Never did see a grown man eat so much! She likes school, too. Never have ta’ worry ‘bout her homework. Does it on the bus most of th’ time. Loves ta read. Would have her nose stuck in a book all th’ time if I didn’t make her go outside some. Reads to her little sister, Becca, too. Becca’s five. She’ll be in school nex’ year. Already knows her letters and can read some words, too. Loves ta play in tha dirt. Makes pretend food and has tea parties with her stuffed animals. Goodness, I’m runnin’ off at the mouth. How old are you’re kids, now?”
    “My Scooter, that’s Michael, after ‘is dad, he’s 8. He’s doin’ good in school, but tha kid eats and sleeps baseball. ‘Can’t hardly get him home of an evenin’. His buddy, Jack, next farm over, has a gang o’ boys over near ever’ day playin’ ball after school. Tiny, that’s ma’ Mary,” is my love. She’ll follow me around all day. She’s 3 now. Loves her kitten. Dresses it up in doll clothes and pushes it in ‘er doll buggy. “Are ya goin’ ta the celebration at th’ church next Sunday?”
    “Recon so. Supposed to bake cookies for it. You?”
    “Yeah, we’re goin’. Doubt Mike’ll go, but tha’ kids and I will. How’s y’re mom doin?”
    “’bout the same. Has her good days and her bad. Still lives by herself. Invited her to come here, but doesn’t want to leave her friends. They look after her. I wish she were closer. Worry ‘bout her most o’ the time, but she’s too far away to help her much. Your mom still doin’ ok?”
    “Yeah, she’s fine. Always busy. Helps at tha school most days and busy at her church other times. Has lots o’ friends. Guess I better go, now. School bus’ll be comin’ soon. See ya.”
    “Bye, now. Come by any time.”

  2. As per usual, I was a bit hesitant at first, but I think I have a really sweet idea for tomorrow’s story – using your prompt.

    I’m going to do one of those flash pieces where it’s almost entirely all dialogue – with only a few regular lines here and there. 🙂

    Used this neat prompt generator for some extra ideas, http://www.chaoticshiny.com/wegen.php

    Added ‘a pair of dice and a prayer’ with the prompt. 🙂

    1. I loved your response to today’s prompt. I checked out the website your consulted and signed up for it, too. Thanks. I like your style!

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