StoryADay September 2018 Week 2

How did it go last week? How many stories did you write? How are you feeling heading into Week 2? Join the discussion below!

If you missed the start of StoryADay September or still need to set your rules, check out last week’s post. Don’t try to catch up and write 7 stories for last week, just jump in now and keep moving forward!

Week 2 Prompts

That’s it for this week. I’ll be next week with another batch of prompts.

In the meantime, I’ll see you in the comments!

Keep writing,

Julie (signed)



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16 thoughts on “StoryADay September 2018 Week 2”

  1. I completed 6 out of 7. Didn’t do the twitter story, too tired yesterday. Looking forward to this week’s prompts!

    1. Well done! That’s fabulous. I know what its like. Quite often I take Sundays off during the challenge because I get too tired otherwise. Seems weird that sitting at a desk pushing buttons is tiring, doesn’t it?

  2. I’m 6 out of 7 but added several pages to a novel I’m working on, so I’m counting that as the 7th. I very much like the variety in the prompts, the wisdom in the tips, the encouragement, and the idea of being part of a group of writers.

    1. So glad it’s helping.

      Glad to hear you made progress on your novel too. Would this be a good moment to confess there have been StoryADay challenges where I’ve written more on my novel than I have on short stories?

  3. Running behind. I’m only 4/7 right now. Guess what’s on the agenda for this weekend? Yep, LOTS of catch up!
    (But, it’s my own fault. Instead of listening to the 600-1,000 word advice, almost all the stories are around 1500 words. I need to shorten them up, so I can keep up!)

    1. Remember, they don’t have to be perfectly finished either. You can make bits of it sketchy (with notes) if that’s what you need to do to get to the end. Having a complete idea of the story really helps when you come back later to revise, polish, or expand each story.

      Well done! Hope your weekend of catch up went well, but if not, just keep pushing forward. Write off any missed days and keep moving.

  4. I’m 7 for 7, although I wrote three in one day, so I don’t know if that counts, but I feel like it does. Enjoying the writing and looking forward to doing more!

    1. Day 10 – my story, done in 305 words is the moment in which Stan fulfills his promise to Irma, his wife who is existing only in the hell of dementia.

      As a point of curiosity, if I pasted the story in the comments, is it considered published so not something that could be submitted elsewhere (if I ever decided to put more work in to it)?

      1. That sounds like a story with plenty of potential for emotion, Louise.

        And yes, if you posted the story in the comments it would count as published. Posting an excerpt, or posting it in a closed forum like the Superstars group, would be ok.

        I’ve run an online critique group where people post their stories in a closed forum to get feedback and that doesn’t count as ‘previously published’, but anything public would.

        Some markets might not care, but most do. They want to be THE place people go, to see your awesome story…

        PS Well done on being 10/10!

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