StoryADay September 2018 Week 5

How did it go last week? How many stories did you write? How are you feeling heading into this week? Join the discussion below!

And don’t forget to come back when you’ve finished your last story to CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS!

Week 5 Prompts

So how did you get on? What did you learn during this challenge? Leave a comment here with your reflections, or share it on social media and leave a link.

In the meantime, I’ll see you in the comments!

Keep writing,

Julie (signed)



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5 thoughts on “StoryADay September 2018 Week 5”

  1. When I started I honestly doubted that I’d complete all 30 days of the challenge. I’m pleased to say that I have written all but one day and have a legitimate excuse ( a six hour drive preceded by the cleaning, packing, last minute errands and chores that needed to be done before the trip could happen). I made up for that day by writing two short pieces one day as well as writing this morning. I plan to reread all that I wrote and see if there are any hidden gems worth more effort. Thanks very much for providing daily prompts. The toughest one was the second last one because my head refused to write what my heart needed to say. I’ll keep working on that one.

  2. This has been a wonderful experience. I never believed I had the wherewithal to write consistently for a month. I have written all 30 days, and while a good bit of what I’ve written isn’t anywhere near a polished story, much of what I’ve written has potential. For this I credit the prompts for their imaginativeness and focus on the essentials of crafting short stories.

    I don’t want to stop, so my plan is to continue writing every day. My hope is to divide my writing time between creating something fresh each day, followed by adding to or revising something already written, Monday through Friday. On Saturday, I want to look for potential publishing opportunities for what I’m writing, and on Sunday, take a break and take a wander for fresh insight, perspective, and ideas.

    Thank you for sharing this creative space and content. I look forward to participating again in May and to staying in touch with the storyaday website.

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