Five More Prompts For StoryADay September 2017 – Week 2

Use these prompts any way you wish. Change genders, change tenses, quote them, or not. Or, ignore them altogether and use your own story sparks.

The Prompts

  1. Write a gender-swapped version of a previously-told story (yours or someone else’s)
  2. Set a story in the opposite setting to what you wrote last time (e.g. Indoor->outdoor, contemporary->non-contemporary, realistic->fantastic
  3. Break some rules in your story today (don’t use quotation marks, head hop, don’t punctuate, use cliches)
  4. Rock, paper, scissors: Write today’s story by hand if you normally type; dictate it, if you normally handwrite; type if you normally dictate.
  5. Make yourself laugh (or cry) in today’s story. Go for emotion.

Don’t forget to print a new checklist this week and listen to the podcast.
Have you answered last week’s survey?

Tell us, in the blog comments, how your first week of writing went. What did you learn (the good and the bad)? What will you do differently this week? Are you feeling more creative?

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