Five Last Prompts for StoryADay September 2017 – Week 4

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Use these prompts any way you wish. Change genders, change tenses, quote them, or not. Or, ignore them altogether and use your own story sparks.

The Prompts

  1. A character is trying to sell something to another character.
  2. A couple are leaving on their honeymoon.
  3. Two children are fighting.
  4. One character’s boss is doing something illegal.
  5. Two characters are discussing an event in the news.

Don’t forget to print a new checklist this week and listen to the podcast.
Have you answered last week’s survey?

Tell us, in the blog comments, how your writing week went. What did you learn (the good and the bad)? What will you do differently this week? Are you feeling more creative? What are you planning to do next month? Don’t forget to come back on Oct 1 for the SWAGr group’s Accountability & Commitment post.

11 thoughts on “Five Last Prompts for StoryADay September 2017 – Week 4”

  1. I’ve been very absent here – writing two stories a day while developing a small business with my husband is exhilarating, but isn’t leaving me with a lot of spare time. I am writing, though. and I think I might have gotten to a place where I can at least share a story or two, and spend some time listening to podcasts and supporting others.

    Since I haven’t been around, I wanted to take a minute to thank you, Julie, for all that you do. Even when folks are quiet, that doesn’t mean we’re not benefiting from this wonderful challenge, and your skill-building prompts!

      1. I’ve gotten pretty good at bringing my trusty laptop and writing at our vending booth! I think I could stop breathing more easily than stop writing, so it won’t be forsaken.

        I set a lot of my creative schedule for the year around two things: NaNo – and Story A Day! =D

  2. I haven’t done much writing this week, except, for the third time in a row, cranking a flash fiction after the podcast 8) I actually used a prompt from last week.

    @Martin DO go back and listen to the other podcast episodes: you are missing you big time if you just read the blog. In particular, there is a recurring theme about perseverance and wanting it. I haven’t been writing as much as I had set myself to do this month, but the last 3 stories are examples where I didn’t feel like writing at all, but did it anyway thanks to Julie’s encouragement. She’s awesome! Cue in fist bump.

  3. I’ve never listened to a podcast by you before. I thought it was Kirsty Young!

    Thank you for a really easy to listen to and encouraging piece. So cool to have a focus on short stories too.



    1. Ah, the good old “grew up in the Central Belt of Scotland, but moved away” accent! (I also went to secondary school in the same town as Kirsty Wark, though a few years later, and my school wasn’t as posh as hers…)

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