SWAGr for April 2019

Post your goals for this month and let us know how you got on with last month’s goals.

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Leave a comment below telling us how you got on last month, and what you plan to do next month, then check back in on the first of each month, to see how everyone’s doing.

(It doesn’t have to be fiction. Feel free to use this group to push you in whatever creative direction you need.)

Did you live up to your commitment from last month? Don’t remember what you promised to do? Check out the comments from last month.

And don’t forget to celebrate with/encourage your fellow SWAGr-ers on their progress!

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Examples of Goals Set By SWAGr-ers in previous months

  • Write a story a day in May – everyone!
  • Revise at least 10 short stories – Iraide
  • Write two short stories. – Jami
  • Attend one writers’ conference – Julie
  • Write fable for WordFactory competition – Sonya
  • Re-read the backstory pieces I wrote in May and see if I can use them within my novel – Monique
  • Research the market – Jami
  • Focus on my serial – Maureen

 So, what will you accomplish this month? Leave your comment below (use the drop-down option to subscribe to the comments and receive lovely, encouraging notifications from fellow StADa SWAGr-ers!)

(Next check-in, 1st of the month. Tell your friends!)

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22 thoughts on “SWAGr for April 2019”

  1. My goals for last month were to blog every day for a teacher writer challenge which I accomplished. I also wanted to connect with my writing groups which I did online but not in person. I did not attend my real life group.

    For April I want to complete 4 longer short stories (3000ish words) for Camp Nanowrimo. I will blog at least twice a week. I will write every day.

    I have no solid submissions goals this month. My ego is bruised so I may take a bit of a break. If something comes along that pulls at me to submit I will but otherwise I will wait til May. I have a couple pieces still out now.

    1. Well done on the teacher challenge. Writing every day is a lot!
      Great goals for April.
      And yes, I very much sympathise on the ego-bruising. There are, of course, all kinds of reasons why stories don’t land, but knowing that doesn’t really help…

  2. March was a month that required me to focus on other-than-writerly elements of life. I have made peace with the goals and commitments that went unmet, the meetings I missed and the sleep I did not get. Moving on …

    April, I am so glad to see you!
    *I have a rough draft of a horror/thriller (my first!) that I am going to revise to completion during Camp Nano – 2,500-3,000 words
    *Revise to completion a second short story that is about 2 drafts from being done
    *Read 1 poem, 1 essay, 1 short story every night before bed
    *Finish reading Windy Lynn Harris’ book
    *Finish organizing my writing in a single folder as suggested in a blog (that I can’t find to share just now) shared by a fellow StoryADay member

    1. Katherine! Sometimes we need to roll with the rhythm of life. Glad you’re back and tracking in on the writing again.

  3. Hi, all,

    For March my goals were:
    *to finish and submit a piece of flash fiction to a contest: It’s essentially done but the deadline is the 10th and I keep tweaking it.
    *continue with the final edit and polish of the almost-done novel (including working on a synopsis): I did some, but not as much as I could have.
    *continue with regular blog posts (I am re-reading Arthur C Clarke’s Rendezvous with Rama and writing about it as a writer): I did this!
    *keep working on the draft 1 novel (subplots for now): This is coming alone really well and the subplots are well developed.

    For April, I am:
    *doing Camp Nano. I’ll be revising my first draft novel.
    *submitting that flash fiction piece!
    *continuing with the regular blog posts, both about Rendezvous with Rama and about my writing/editing process during Camp Nano.

    Hope you all have a good month!

    1. Oo, Camp Nano is, somewhat unsurprisingly, popular around these parts.

      Good job on the March accomplishments!

  4. In March, I didn’t work on my novel revision 9 minutes a day as I had idealistically hoped to do. I also didn’t send off a bunch of poems as I had planned, but that was mainly because I started to focus on writing them and decided to focus on submitting several of them at once in the summer. In March, I wrote about a poem a week.

    In April, I plan to work on poetry thirty minutes a day, with the goal of finishing at least a poem week. I will go back to dividing my time between fiction and poetry once the semester is over after May 9. Right now, I have to balance the desire to express my creativity with the need to grade papers.

    1. Ah, I come from a line of teachers, so I appreciate that dichotomy!

      Glad to hear you’re writing. The submission process is a different gear.

  5. I’ve fallen out of the habit on commenting here, but I’ve been busy writing!

    I started a blog, and have been posting every Monday in 2019: https://newyearsrevolutionary.com/

    In May I will be doing a series on creativity. I plan to write a post about Story A Day specifically, and the amazing experience I had participating in it last year. My goal this month is to continue to focus on the blog content and try to make it the best that it can be.

    1. Love it. Love the discipline of writing a post for every Monday too.

      Let me know if you need anything for your StoryADay post!

  6. I never posted my March target – write all my April A to Z posts. And I failed as I still have R to Z left. Due as the month draws to a close – well, from April 20 onwards.

    I’ll get there – I have to. Then it’s back in the same universe to my police procedural novel.

    1. “Failed” or “left room for improvement”?
      Looks like you still have room in your schedule, though. Hooray for planning ahead!

  7. This is my first SWAGr post and I wish you all luck and perseverance with your goals.

    My plans for April:

    – write and submit four pieces of flash fiction
    – submit Story A
    – revise Story B and submit it
    – write 4 pieces for current client

  8. My March goals changed when I got a fandom bingo card. I wrote pretty much every day on it from when I got it, neglecting my other work. But it was so worth it.

    This month is Camp NaNo, which means it’s time to crack down on those exchanges and get to work. I’ve got one due in about two weeks that I haven’t even started, so I need to get going. Plus, I’ll hopefully get my second bingo card soon.

    1. I love the sound of these challenges. They force you to be prolific, and it sounds like you’re having a blast. Looking forward to hearing how Camp NaNo goes.

  9. Here’s what I promised to do last month:
    – Write one short story – DONE
    – Host a hangout – DONE (cheating, because that was done before I posted this!)
    – Lots of StoryADay prep including getting all the prompts ready – All prompts but three, DONE
    – Revise half the novel – Revised about 1/8th of the novel. It’s a start.
    – Brainstorm more guest posts and articles – falling behind on this
    – Read and blog about 4 short stories – READ, not sure I blogged them all
    – Read 2 novels – Finished a ma-hoosive novel and read a non-fiction book cover to cover (which I do’nt always do)

    For April
    -Lots of awareness raising stuff for StoryADay
    -Host a hangout for Superstars
    -2 podcasts, 4 writing prompts, one big blog for StoryADay
    -Revise middle of novel
    -Teach two workshops live, in person
    -Write one short story

  10. March followed on from February and grew from January with some good achievements.
    I submitted to the first round of NYMidnight short story – Jan 26th – action/adventure
    First Kiss RWA Feb – romance. 1500 words in which the protagonists kiss for the first time and a prologue outlining the story up to that point.
    Ada Cambridge competition – memoir
    Peter Carey – short story (no theme)
    1st 1000 words Drowned Earth Novella series – shortlisted then accepted so I have begun the collaboration with 8 other authors.
    Aftermath – dystopia human fault
    Furious fiction 500word AWC
    AnitpodeanSF 1500 word short story for an anniversary anthology of previous contributors.
    Gotham writers 10 word story
    I signed up for Story a Day in May, attended heaps of writing related webinars and made sure my subscriptions and memberships were up to date.
    April Goals: Keep working on my drowned earth novella, hope to make it to the next round of NYMidnight(I will know today), and write at least a few hundred words every day.

    1. Wow, Cecilia, you’ve been on a contest-entering binge. Good for you!! Hold onto that powerful feeling no matter what the external results (judging is so capricious and subjective).

      And good luck!

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