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In honor of Groundhog Day, today’s prompt encourages you to tell a story over and over and over again…

In honor of Groundhog Day, and one of the best films ever made about an obscure holiday, today’s prompt encourages you to milk one simple plot for all it’s worth.

The Prompt

Write A Very Short Story About An Incident In Your Character’s Day, Then Make Them Relive That Incident


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[Write On Wednesday] Groundhog Day

This morning I dreamed I woke up and told my husband about my dream. Then I woke up and told him about my dream. And I STILL hadn’t had my coffee yet.

VERY Groundhog Day!

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The Prompt

Write About A Repeating Routine/Event


  • Write about the same event from different perspectives within the same story.
  • This is a great opportunity to shift the reader’s sympathies, subtly as you go through the story (think: Gone Girl)
  • Hold back some details from each successive occurrence, to allow room for your story to grow (for instance, you can mention the yellow flowers on the way to work, the first time your character walks by them, but wait until the fourth iteration to tell us WHY they matter)
  • Use different language as the story progresses, to reflect your character’s state of mind. (Growing frustration? Soothing repetitiveness? Boredom? Longing?)

Post your story in the comments if you dare!


[Writing Prompt] A Holiday Story

And yes, I do mean the winter/Christmas/Thanksgiving/Hannukka/Samhain/Diwali/Hogmanay/New Year/Kwanzaa/Chinese New Year/Solstice/Saturnalia/Festivus November/December/January type of holiday.

If you ever think of submitting your stories to literary magazines, contests, anthologies, or other publications, you need to know two things:

  1. They are often themed and holiday stories are always popular,
  2. Your story needs to be written, edited, submitted, selected, corrected, and green lit, month in advance of the actual holiday.

Write your December stories now. Time’s running out.

The Prompt

Write A Story Tied To A Holiday That Takes Place In November/December/January/February


  • Evoke the sights, smells, sounds and emotions you associate with that holiday.
  • Put on some appropriate holiday music to get you in the mood.
  • Go beyond the obvious idea for the story associated with your chosen holiday. No saccharine tales of redemption or bitter humbug retellings of A Christmas Carol, for us!
  • Make the characters stronger than the trappings of the holiday.
  • Write the story for someone who has never participated in your holiday traditions. Show them what it’s like to be you at Christmas/Hanukkah/Hogmanay/Groundhog Day.

Need more tips? Here’s a podcast episode that talks you through it:


Which holiday did you choose? What did you do to get in the mood? Do you think you’ll revise and submit this story to a publication? Tell us in the comments or join the conversation in the Community.