[Write On Wednesday] Myers-Briggs-plosion


Today I’m encouraging you to put some personality conflict into your story.

The Prompt

Put a particular personality type into a situation they would never choose


Use the Myers-Briggs personality types (hover over the table at the bottom of this page, to get a list of characteristics for your main character).

Take some of the traits that define your character and put them in a situation completely unsuited to those traits. See what happens.

For example,

if you put a ‘ISTJ’ (quietly systematic, logical, analytical, responsible, pragmatic) into a Hunger Games-like dome, would that go well or badly? For whom? Likewise, if you threw a ‘INFP’ type into the same situation (quietly caring, inquisitive, compassionate, idealistic), what would that do to your story?

Try to make the situation absolutely the wrong one for the personality type you choose, and then try to imagine how they would react.

Consider using a personality type like your own if you want to be empathetic. Use one diametrically opposed to yours, if you’re thinking of writing something more biting and satirical.


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