[Write On Wednesday] StoryADay May Warmup

Today I encourage you to write a warm-up story today, and invite you to join the StoryADay Superstars


The Prompt

Write a story in 30 minutes today, either 100 words or no more than 1000


  • Brainstorm a character, a desire and a problem
  • Get inspired by an issue you really care about
  •  Make sure you finish (even if you have to cheat a little in the middle)
  • Celebrate!

Are you in for May 2018? Sign up below or check out the Superstars program now.

10 thoughts on “[Write On Wednesday] StoryADay May Warmup”

  1. Well, I combined a Poem-a-Day prompt for a story poem and my Story-a-Day warmup and came up with something that might be one or the other, or both, or neither. But at least I wrote it and it feels substantive. Hope it passes muster, Story-a-day gang.

    Carolina Blue

  2. Just finished my warm up story. Clocked in at just under a 1000 words. Started out with a character that had a strange fesish of amputating people. Strange I know. I wrote about a character from a story I’d read and I wrote it from the victim’s point of view instead. What a blast. It was a sick story but it was fun.

    looking forwared to the May challenge

  3. I’m writing away in the final week of Poem-a-Day April right now. Then I get tossed into the deep end of Story-a-Day May. I guess there’s no shallow end, is there? I’m always pleasantly surprised by the creativity (and most of the stories, too) I am able to push out from your prompts and with that tick-tick-tick (and calendar flip) timer going during May.

    I hope I’m ready, Julie.

    ~ Best wishes, Joe Hesch

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