Write A FanFic Story

More ways for you to steal ideas, as we continue Rescue Week here at StoryADay

The Prompt

Write a Fan Fiction Story

  • While you can’t legally use somebody else’s world and characters to write a story and publish it, nothing is stopping you from writing stories for your own pleasure inspired by someone else’s universes.
  • There is no limits to what you can do here. Pick a story or character you feel doesn’t get enough air time in your favorite show.
  • Change the ending to the series that you love.
  • Write the untold story of what came before we first meet character.
  • Tell whatever story is going to give you the most pleasure.
  • There are lots of places online where people share fanfic (sometimes with the creators’ blessings, sometimes not so much), so you could go and read something and get some idea. However, this is a rabbit hole I’m not sure you want to go down during the StoryADay challenge. Not to mention the fact that some of it gets quite saucy!
  • Use all of the tricks you’ve learned about storytelling to play with characters you already love you. Spend some time with them using your talents and your skills along with the knowledge you have amassed by watching/reading about them.
  • Think about how you can provide shortcuts and clues that let readers who don’t necessarily know the character catch up. Don’t waste time on backstory unless that’s the story you’re telling. Don’t forget to add in emotion and conflict.
  • It can be easy to get carried away writing about your favorite characters. Don’t forget to builds to a climax resolve the crisis to finish the story.

Leave a comment letting us know what you wrote about today and how it’s going. And don’t forget, if you like these prompts, share them!

9 thoughts on “Write A FanFic Story”

  1. Anyone who’s read my posts from last year knows that I’ve been waiting all month for this, because the Vulcan scientist and the human engineer brave (foolish?) enough to love her don’t like it when I don’t write their stories.

    Yup, I’m part of the rabbit-hole on this one. Got my own page at one of those fan fiction sites, and everything, and I do what Trip and T’Pol tell me to do…

    This post is the beginning of the next installment of a 50K plus word story in progress, “Love and Loss”.

    Captain Archer knows something’s going on, and he doesn’t like being out of the loop…


  2. I am late getting this done today due to illness, but finally have story 20 completed. It is a Babylon 5 fanfiction sequence. In order to understand what is going on, you need to understand Bab-5 (sorry if you don’t!) and you need to read both of these in the order I am posting them:


  3. I canna do it Captain, I dinna have the power.

    As in, I couldn’t do a Star Trek fanfic because I was so aware of the existing canon (and the gaps in my knowledge of it) that it was straightjacketing me. So I’ve started a spin-off. The USS Obama is a much smaller mission that left before the Enterprise. It has a six person crew, all scientists, and it’s looking for life on other planets.

    I’m not going to get a complete story today because I used up too much energy on back story. It was fun, though, and at least I was writing.

    1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put this somewhere I can read it when you finish. Please?

      Not that I’m a fan or anything, or that I’ve EVER painted myself green and danced at a Trek convention….

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