106 – After The Challenge

This week I share some of the prompts from week 4 of StoryADay May 2018, talk about creativity and limits, and encourage you to dive into the community at StoryADay.

Also, I talk about drug discovery and wheelbarrows…


Serious Writers’ Accountability Group (SWAGr): https://stada.me/swagr

Another new episode of Write Every Day, Not “Some Day”

2 thoughts on “106 – After The Challenge”

  1. One of my absolute favourite things about taking on challenges like this is going in believing, fully believing, that it’s darn near impossible, but then seeing that other people are, in fact, doing it, and taking a big step back, taking a deep breath, and figuring out how to do it too! I’m so glad I decided to take a run at this challenge this month.

    I’m a long time nanowrimo-er, so I know I can marathon write for a month, but the thing I’ve found really interesting about Story a Day is challenging myself to not take days off! It’s been gruelling at times but ultimately very rewarding. I’ve built up a tidy stack of short story drafts that I’m excited to return to next month (and edit, and edit), so I can start building up my submissions catalogue.

    So dearest Julie, I wanted to say that I have *loved* the prompts and the structure of this challenge a lot. They’ve been absolutely key to getting through the month. Early on, realising I definitely couldn’t go it alone, I just gave myself over to the prompts so I could keep going! For me, they’ve ended up working like a mini course in short story writing. I really appreciate the way you’ve put everything together for us! Cheers to everyone who participated! xoxo

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