106 – After The Challenge

This week I share some of the prompts from week 4 of StoryADay May 2018, talk about creativity and limits, and encourage you to dive into the community at StoryADay.

Also, I talk about drug discovery and wheelbarrows…


Serious Writers’ Accountability Group (SWAGr): https://stada.me/swagr

Another new episode of Write Every Day, Not “Some Day”

105 – Is It Time To Quit?

The problem with doing something hard (like writing) is not that you aren’t good. It’s that it’s hard to know how long to work before you decide that you really aren’t any good. 

(Hint: It’s longer than you think. And you may never be able to tell!)

How to keep going when you’re not sure if you should.


Resources mentioned in this episode:

My author interviews at NaNoWriMo’s blog: http://blog.nanowrimo.org/

Jerry Jenkins: http://jerrysguild.com

DIYMFA’s 101 Course: https://members.diymfa.com/101-course/



Another new episode of Write Every Day, Not “Some Day”