What Are You Turning Towards, this New Year?

In which I, rather unexpectedly, talk about dog training…

Are you setting goals for outcomes or simply turning towards your writing more?

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[00:00:00] Intro

[00:00:32] Where Are You Headed?

[00:03:16] Turning Towards Your Writing, Consistently

[00:05:12] Goals or GPS?

[00:06:26] More Successes

[00:12:02] No More Negative Voices

[00:13:54] Ways To Get Support from StoryADaym

[00:14:25] Short Story Framework

[00:14:35] The 3-Day Challenge

[00:15:51] StoryAWeek Newsletter

[00:18:50] I, WRITER Course

[00:19:39] January 5-Day Challenge

[00:20:18] StoryADay Superstars

[00:21:51] Coaching

[00:23:19] Wrap up

2 thoughts on “What Are You Turning Towards, this New Year?”

  1. Writing

    1. Bradbury 52 stories 52 weeks.

    2. outline and re start Bernadette Bluebelle series

    3. Finish Archeology novella and hometownish type one

    4 Do poetry during April

    5 Write and finish script pilot of my autumn house inn (first story i ever wrote)

    6. Write more Romance Stories and finish Romance Mystery.

    7. Write enough Drake Steel stories this year for me to go on B & N and make myself my own copy of a physical book.

    8. Edit Professor Wilde & The Explosive Spirit Scrambler Apparatus.
    Final Draft Before edits Word count: 21,524

    9. Edit and redo my time travel duo

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