StoryADay September 2018 Week 3

How did it go last week? How many stories did you write? How are you feeling heading into this week? Join the discussion below!

If you missed the start of StoryADay September or still need to set your rules, check out Week 1’s post. Don’t try to catch up and write stories for last week, just jump in now and keep moving forward!

Week 3 Prompts

That’s it for this week. I’ll be next week with another batch of prompts.

In the meantime, I’ll see you in the comments!

Keep writing,

Julie (signed)



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8 thoughts on “StoryADay September 2018 Week 3”

  1. This was my first time to the site and my first writing prompt (DAY 19). I stopped writing after 500 words because of my observations of my writing.

    As with a lot of prompts, I put to paper whatever comes to mind. Rinse and repeat. There was no plan toward an ending, no plan to what the characters are and that’s what I found interesting.

    As I was writing, and you’re right this leans towards first person naturally, I could not make up my mind whether I was male or female. And I think that comes out in the writing which surprised me.

    Thanks for this, that was fun.

  2. My 14 sentence story: (and fun to write – thanks for the prompt)

    “Ellie girl, I can’t keep taking time off work to get you in to see Brett,” Max muttered, punching in the number from memory.
    “Brett, Max here, it’s happening again. How soon can you get us in? . . . Okay, if that’s the best you can do we’ll see you late tomorrow afternoon.”

    When he’d had her in a week ago Brett said he wasn’t all that surprised that more and more was going wrong.
    “She’s an old gal, Max and she’s just wearing out. She’s going on for 20 so she’s well past her prime. Honestly, Max, she’s living on borrowed time.”

    When Max and Ellie arrived, Brett met them outside and said, “I was hoping not to see you for awhile.”
    “This hurts so bad,” said Max. “You know that from the very first I’ve faithfully followed her maintenance schedule to the letter. When the book said, ‘’Do it’ I brought her right to you.”

    “Max, there is really no more we can do for Ellie and I can’t, in all good conscience, keep taking your money. We can give you a really good price on a new Ford Escape; come and take a look.

  3. I have written everyday and am mostly happy with what I have created. The pieces I am not so thrilled about can be reworked later. They need some marinating time and some distance before I started adding and deleting.

    The structure that stood out for me the most this time was the Hansel and Gretel. I went down a bit of a rabbit hole and was trying to find a copy of Neil Gaiman’s version. Fractured fairy tale websites were a frequented site this week too because of it.

    I am starting a little red riding hood story where the main character is a teacher and the Big Bad Wolf with be admin. I also listening to one of the Iowa Summer podcasts and Chapman was talking about fairy tales in general and it went well with last week’s prompts. I believe she still edits for Fairy Tale Review. I would venture to guess that Marta knows who she is!

  4. I’m really happy with what I’ve written so far. This time I’m not following the prompts (even though I do like them) because I already had plans. Mostly, I’m so glad I’ve taken part in September Story-a-Day!

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