Revision & Critique Essentials

What To Expect During StoryADay’s Critique Week Listen to me talk about critique, who’s involved, what people will tell you, what you should tell other people The Power Of Being Vulnerable There’s a vulnerability and trust in the act of sharing your work, that encourages deep connections to grow. Critique groups make you feel that … Continue reading “Revision & Critique Essentials”

Climbing Mount Revision One Step At A Time

As we sit here, there are only seven days left in May. Seven more stories and then you’re free to take a break, keep writing, set your stories on fire or, preferably revise them into works of genius. To help you out with that latter option I’ve recruited Gabriela Pereira from to give you … Continue reading “Climbing Mount Revision One Step At A Time”

Get your story publication-ready with the StoryADay Editing & Revision Seminar

I’m excited to announce our very first free, live teleseminar coming up this Friday. StoryADay May is all about a creative splurge: massive amounts of writing, experimentation and fun. With any luck we all came out with a handful of stories that surprised us: they were really quite good and maybe there were some that … Continue reading “Get your story publication-ready with the StoryADay Editing & Revision Seminar”

2020 Editorial Calendar

During 2020 I’ll be tackling these topics: January – Habits – putting in place the behaviors we need to write February – Romance – it’s not just for the ladies! March – Show, Don’t Tell – the techniques you’ll need to master April – Prepping – Introducing the WRITER Code May – WRITE – The … Continue reading “2020 Editorial Calendar”