Day 12 – Windy Lynn Harris Makes A List

THE PROMPT Today, your task is to make a list. A literary list, that is. Grocery lists, to-do lists, or goals lists written with the effect of showing a person’s life, their struggles, their failures, etc, are terrific pieces of flash. They test the reader’s inferential powers. Your challenge: provide a list of items from … Continue reading “Day 12 – Windy Lynn Harris Makes A List”

166 – Windy Lynn Harris Makes Fiction Flash

Today the author of “Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays: the Essential Guide To Getting Your Work Published” AND frequent StoryADay participant, Windy Lynn Harris joins me to talk about Flash Fiction: what it is, 7 different ways to approach it, and how it can help your career, even if you’re a novelist. … Continue reading “166 – Windy Lynn Harris Makes Fiction Flash”

101 – Windy Lynn Harris & Short Fiction

Apologies that the audio is a little crackly on this one, but it’s worth sticking with, to hear the infectiously enthusiastic Windy Lynn Harris and me, gabbing about the joy of short fiction. Windy Lynn Harris is the author of Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays (Writer’s Digest Books, 2017) Another new episode … Continue reading “101 – Windy Lynn Harris & Short Fiction”

[Reading Room] Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays by Windy Lynn Harris

Normally my Tuesday Reading Room posts review a short story I’ve read, but I’m breaking with tradition this week to tell you about a fabulous — and much needed — new book, Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays, by Windy Lynn Harris, a writer and the founder of Marketing Coach for Creative Writers. … Continue reading “[Reading Room] Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays by Windy Lynn Harris”

181 – Catching Up With StoryADay September

If you haven’t started writing short stories this month it’s not too late! This week’s podcast is a look back and a look forward at the writing prompts in StoryADay September (from writers like Tobias S. Buckell, Jonathan Maberry, Seanan McGuire, Simon Rich, Grant Faulkner, Art Taylor, and more…). Plus a short sermon on why … Continue reading “181 – Catching Up With StoryADay September”

Top 10 Podcast Interviews

Over the past ten years, StoryaDay has been fortunate to have some great guests on the podcast Here’s an easy-access list: You can share this image far and wide! Or download the PDF. Here’s the list, with clickable links Jane Friedman Builds A Business Premee Mohamed Writes Too Much Gabriela Pereira and Your DIY MFA … Continue reading “Top 10 Podcast Interviews”

165 – Tammy Breitweiser Loves A Challenge

We’re a week away from StoryADay May. Take the WRITER Code workshop here: Find out more about StoryADay Superstars, our writing community: Today’s episode is a conversation with Tammy Breitweiser whose flash fiction has been published in The Ninja Writers Monthly, Spelk, Clover and White, and Elephants Never. Her essay is in the … Continue reading “165 – Tammy Breitweiser Loves A Challenge”

114 – On Promiscuity

In which I talk about when (writerly) promiscuity is good, and announce the winners of the September giveaway of Windy Lynn Harris’s book, “Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays”. Bonus points if you can spot the sound of my kid’s hamster trying to break out, in the background. #IThoughtHamstersWereSupposedToBeNocturnal Another new episode of … Continue reading “114 – On Promiscuity”

StoryADay September 2018 Week 1

Here we are at the start of StoryADay September 2018! The Rules: Set your own rules (why not leave them in the comments?): Decide whether you’re going to complete a story every single day, or every week day, or every Thursday…it’s up to you. Make your own rules, and stick to them! Check in every … Continue reading “StoryADay September 2018 Week 1”