166 – Windy Lynn Harris Makes Fiction Flash

Today the author of “Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays: the Essential Guide To Getting Your Work Published” AND frequent StoryADay participant, Windy Lynn Harris joins me to talk about Flash Fiction: what it is, 7 different ways to approach it, and how it can help your career, even if you’re a novelist.

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165 – Tammy Breitweiser Loves A Challenge

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Today’s episode is a conversation with Tammy Breitweiser whose flash fiction has been published in The Ninja Writers Monthly, Spelk, Clover and White, and Elephants Never. Her essay is in the I Wrote it Anyway anthology. You can connect with Tammy through Twitter @TLBREIT or through her medium page https://medium.com/@tammybreitweiser. Sign up for her newsletter here

In this interview she mentions Windy Lynn Harris’s excellent book “Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays”

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Episode 162 – Premee Mohamed Writes Too Much

StoryADay Podcast episode 162 Cover Image Premee Mohamed

Premee Mohamed is an Indo-Caribbean scientist and speculative fiction writer whose first novel, “Beneath The Rising” has just been released. But I discovered her through her wonderful short stories.

In this conversation we talk about what a good writing day looks like (and what to do on those other days), the inspiration for some of her stories, her writing process and how she organizes her ideas, why short stories are like tattoos, and how the phrase “it’s just photons” makes writing easier.


Twitter: @premeesaurus
Curious Fictions: https://stada.me/cfpm
Buy Her Book: https://stada.me/bkpm

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159 – Talking About Creativity And Mental Health with Gabriela Pereira

episode 159 Gabriela Pt 2As well as running DIYMFA, Gabriela Pereira often speaks at conferences about issues other than the writing craft, including entrepreneurship and mental illness.

Today, we have a frank discussion about Gabriela’s history with mental illness as one part of a very full life that also includes running a business, having a family, and being a creative person.

We also talk a little about writing emotion when you struggle with your own.

(If you need help and live in the US, please text HOME to 741741. In Canada, 686-868, In the UK 85258. In the UK and Ireland, call 116 123. In Australia, call 13 11 14)

158 – Writing Love & Intimacy with Dr. Lanae St. John

Lanae St. John podcast cover

What are we really talking about when we talk about sex? Join me for a conversation with sexuality educator Dr. Lanae St. John. We talk about how to portray true intimacy on the page (without any weird noises), how to make consent sexy, and where to find a model for your next villain.


The Mamasutra – https://www.themamasutra.net/

Read Me: A Parental Primer For ‘The Talk’ – https://www.amazon.com/Read-Me-Parental-Primer-Talk

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