127 – Finding Support

Finding support for your writing can seem like a weird idea; isn’t writing all about one person, alone in their room, listening to their imaginary friends? 

It turns out that support from other writers (with whom we are absolutely not competing) is a great way to advance your own writing. 

In this episode I talk about where to find support, how to make the most of it, and how to grow your network in the least-painful way possible, even if you are chronically shy.


This week’s writing prompt: https://storyaday.org/wow-connection

It’s another new episode of the StoryADay Podcast

126 – What Is Writing?

In your writing practice, what counts as ‘writing’? Do you give yourself credit for reading time? Revisions? Taking classes? Or do you feel guilty about now being productive when you aren’t adding new words to a story?


Does Thinking Count As Writing: https://stada.me/think

Learning To Make Choices: https://stada.me/choice

Writing Prompts – Scenarios: https://stada.me/scenarios

Writing Prompts – Word Lists: https://stada.me/wordlists

Beyond Word Count: https://stada.me/track

Stay Excited About Your Writing: https://stada.me/excited

Write When You Don’t Feel Like It: https://stada.me/dontwanna

Leave a comment on this post: https://stada.me/126


It’s another new episode of the StoryADay Podcast

125 – Goals vs. Reality

Setting writing goals is one thing. Living with them, quite another.

This month’s theme at StoryADay is Goals Vs. Reality.


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The YouTube version of this podcast: https://youtu.be/QNfeGG6hsPA

It’s another new episode of the StoryADay Podcast

124 – Being A Writer

What kind of writer are you? What kind of culture do you want to create? What kind of writing life are you aiming for?

In this episode I ponder these questions and talk a little about this month’s theme of Flash Fiction.

And I invite you to share what inspires you, right now: https://stada.me/124


Seth Godin’s The Big Sort https://stada.me/g-bigsort

Chuck Wending’s blog post about writers and day jobs https://stada.me/w-dayjob

Story Review: Joan of Arc Sits Naked In Her Dorm Room https://stada.me/rr-joan

More short stories: 

And You Thought Your Last Breakup Was Bad: Five love stories by Matt Leibel https://stada.me/leibel

Seven Stories by Alex Epstein https://stada.me/epstein

Sh*t Boyfriends, stories by Kathy Fish and Dorothy Bendel https://stada.me/valentine


Main title music by Alan McPike: https://www.standardstrax.com/

Incidental music by Rebecca Reads www.fiverr.com/rebecca_reads

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123 – When The Writing Stalls

What do you do when it’s difficult to write? Here’s what I did this week.

You can find all the links and discussion I talked about, here: https://storyaday.org/when-writing-stalls

And here’s the Serious Writers’ Accountability Group (SWAGr) for Feb 2019: https://storyaday.org/swagr-feb-2019/




It’s another new episode of the StoryADay Podcast

122 – A Room Of One’s Own

As a writer, what do you need? Do you need a desk? A room of your own? Scrivener? A pad and paper and something to lean on?

The answer is probably ‘it depends’. And it’s important to figure out what you need, and when. 

Other writers (often in the form of writers’ groups) can help you find your groove as a writer. 

In this episode I talk about finding your groove, and the value of writers’ groups.


It’s another new episode of the StoryADay Podcast

121- Happy Hogmanay 2018

In which I encourage you to celebrate the end/start of the year however makes you happiest!

If you want planning docs find them here: https://stada.me/pace

If you want to set some goals for January, check in at StoryADay.org on Jan 1 for our SWAGr group.

And if your goals are simply to stand in front of the mirror every day and say “I am a writer” (see last podcast for identity), that’s OK too (I suspect if you do that, you’ll end up actually writing).

Other resources at StoryADay to help jump start your writing after a break:

Help! I’m Drowning In Story Ideas: https://stada.me/stadadrown

Does Thinking Count As Writing?: https://stada.me/stadathink

Another new episode of Write Every Day, Not “Some Day”

120 – Identity And Outcomes

Should you focus on your goals (the outcome you want) or your identity (“I am a writer”) if you want to succeed?

This week I talk about the idea that it is much easier to create a good habit if you see yourself as the type of person who DOES a thing, rather than as someone who wishes they had the ability/time/resources to do a thing.



Atomic Habits by James Clear: https://stada.me/atomic (Amazon affiliate link)

StoryADay Set & Meet Goals post: https://stada.me/pace


Another new episode of Write Every Day, Not “Some Day”