2019 Day 11 – Description

How did you get on yesterday? Did you write a story? Remember, set your own rules, and stick to them. If you miss a day, don’t try to catch up. Just keep moving forward! The Prompt Write A story centered on description Don’t forget to still have a story with character, desires, conflicts, but play … Continue reading “2019 Day 11 – Description”

[Prompt] May 18 – Description

Today we are going to focus on description. Yesterday’s dialogue-heavy prompt probably resulted in very little descriptive language (unless your characters were poets). Today we’re going to remedy that. Write a story where you concentrate on descriptive language. Pick a tone and try to stay with it throughout the story (rich, natural metaphors lathered on, … Continue reading “[Prompt] May 18 – Description”

[Write on Wednesday] – Touch

Touch is a sense that some writers naturally use often and others, hardly ever. I mean obviously if you’re writing a romance, there’s going to be some touching, but there are other ways to use this sense that will pull readers into your story. Let’s give it a try. The Prompt Your main character has … Continue reading “[Write on Wednesday] – Touch”

[Write On Wednesday] – Taste

This month is all about encouraging you to engage with the setting of your story by using your senses. Last week I asked you to use sounds in your descriptions; the week before that we explored the close association between smell, memory, and emotion. This week your story is going to explore taste. The Prompt … Continue reading “[Write On Wednesday] – Taste”

[Write On Wednesday] Sound

Last week’s prompt encouraged you to describe everything in terms of smell. It was tough, wasn’t it? But I’ll bet you discovered some things about your go-to style of description and how you could branch out a little. This week is, I think, a little easier, focusing as it does on sound. It’s a sense … Continue reading “[Write On Wednesday] Sound”

[Writing on Wednesday] Smell

One of the most common (and most overlooked) pieces of writing advice is to use the five senses. This month I’m going to use the five weekly writing prompts to encourage you to get more sensory detail into your writing by focusing on one sense per week. The Prompt Write  a story in which a … Continue reading “[Writing on Wednesday] Smell”

193 – Goals or Getting From Here To There

In this episode I look at goals and why it’s so uncomfortable getting from where you are now to where you want to be…and how you can make it happen.   The 4 Steps to Reaching Your Goals 1. Set a theme for the year and prioritize 1-3 goals 2. Get clear on why they … Continue reading “193 – Goals or Getting From Here To There”

178 – A Writing State of Mind

What’s the most important skill in writing? Is it plot, character arcs, dialogue, description, pacing? In this episode I argue that the thing that will dictate your level of success is your state of mind. Links: Eric Platenberg: http://stada.me/eric Seth Godin: http://stada.me/seth StoryADay September Sign up: http://stada.me/sept2020 Ready to write today, not “some day”?

Why It’s OK That You Didn’t Submit That Story

This past weekend we celebrated StoryFest, here at StoryaDay.org. StoryFest is our annual ‘recital’, our celebration of the work we did in May. Some of our writers shared stories, others liked, commented and posted on social media about them. Others…didn’t. And that’s OK. Because not everyone was ready. Perhaps you weren’t ready to engage in … Continue reading “Why It’s OK That You Didn’t Submit That Story”

Your Author Bio and Story Summary: Write Them Without Fear

Of all the terrifying things we do as writers (writing stories, sharing them with critique partners, revising, submitting to publications, enduring rejection, grappling with sudden success…) most people rate ‘writing my bio’ or ‘summarizing my story’ up there with death and public speaking as ‘fun things to do on a Saturday afternoon’. They are, however, … Continue reading “Your Author Bio and Story Summary: Write Them Without Fear”