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Big News and New Things

Less than a month until StoryADay May! And I have BIG NEWS. Celebrity Guest Prompters Firstly — and I have to put this first because otherwise my head will explode — our first Guest Prompter for the month of May is none other than rock star author¬†NEIL GAIMAN!!! He’s providing the writing prompt for May […]

A Month Of Writing Prompts – The eBook!

A Month Of Writing Prompts 2014 Writing a story a day for a month is a crazy endeavour, but one that hundreds of writers have signed up for every May since 2010. During month of courageous creativity, writers learn how to write every day (not ‘someday’), how to craft a story, how to write in […]

Win A Trip To WANACon 2014

WANACon (run behind the minds behind the We Are Not Alone Tribe for writers) is coming! The World Wide Writers Conference You Can Attend In Your PJs runs ¬†February 21-22, 2014 and it is going to be great. I say this, in all modesty, as one of the speakers I’ll be speaking with Gabriela Pereira […]

Publish Your Own Short Story Collection

Around here we’re all about creativity. I don’t talk much about publishing because: a, there’s plenty of material online about how to publish/get published and b, Worrying about the publishing part before the writing part seems like putting the cart before the horse. However, many of you have come along on the StoryADay May creativity […]

[Write On Wednesday] Word List Stories

It’s back: the ever-popular (no really, it is!) exercise where we all write stories using the same list of words. It’s silly, it’s low-stress, it is, frankly, ridiculous and it makes for a great way to break blocks or take a break after a longer or more serious project. So here goes: The Prompt Write […]

StoryADay September Update

I’ve decided not to host an official StoryADay September here, but don’t despair! Starting on Tuesday (Sept 3) I’m going to bring you prompts five days a week and will be inviting you to check in here at the site on any days that you’re inspired to write (or determined to). We’ll be here with […]

Best of the Web for Short Story Writers Aug 23, 2013

I do a lot of reading about writing, sifting through the fluff and the downright wrong, so you don’t have to. Here’s what I’ve found in the past month or so that you should find pretty inspiring. Dive in. Stop Trying To Go Viral – by Dan Blank Start reading websites for writers and you’ll […]

Becoming A Better Writer: The eBook

One of my main aims with was to get you (and me) writing again. It’s about productivity, creativity and becoming the person you were meant to be: a writer. But after you’ve been writing for a while a new worry creep in. You’re no longer worried about making time to write, or whether you’ll […]

[Writing Prompt] Mashup

I’ve been reading a lot about marketing recently. One of the techniques that strikes me as a double-edged sword is the advice to create an elevator pitch for your story that goes like this: It’s like Alien meets 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea It’s Sleepless in Seattle but with dogs (Can you tell why I […]

[Reading Room] Death By Scrabble by Charlie Fish

I loved this story. It’s filed under ‘humor’ and it definitely made me laugh out loud a few times, in a black-humor kind of way. The story begins, “It’s a hot day and I hate my wife.” There: that’s funny already. It’s the juxtaposition, the unexpectedness. I love it. The story goes on in the […]

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